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Some Interesting Facts…

Mel Hurtig - 2011, September 5 - 10:56

  The August 20th Economist tells us that the U.S. mission in Iraq has so far cost over one trillion $ and just under 4,500 American lives.  It costs about $1 million as year for every U.S. soldier in Iraq. *     *     *     *     * About one third of Canadians want us to ditch the monarchy, [...]

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Tribute to Jack Layton

Mel Hurtig - 2011, August 23 - 16:50

  There have been so many truly wonderful tributes to Jack Layton  -  editorials, columns, letters etc.-  that it’s difficult to add more without covering much of what has already been said. One thing we can all see is just how much the man has been loved by so very many of his fellow Canadians.  [...]

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Linux Virtualbox images

Craig Jones - 2011, August 10 - 09:53

A very cool website has a bunch of Virtualbox images of different linux distrbutions one can download and try out.

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Many Thanks for the Great Feedback!

Mel Hurtig - 2011, July 12 - 08:35

  First, many thanks to all of you who wrote or phoned about the two CBC Ideas programs. The response has been wonderful and I am most grateful, especially grateful to Kathleen Flaherty and company who put so much time and effort into producing the shows. They did a truly splendid job. Many of you [...]

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Obvious Interview Mistakes

FoxSuit - 2010, June 29 - 13:24

You may be concerned that your rehearsed response to the question, “What is your greatest weakness as an employee?” is far from perfect, but at least you know well enough not to ask your interviewer to buy you a lunch. Get some laughs from the Wall Street Journal’s Big Blunders Job Hunters Make. Need more? Check out CareerBuilder’s Top 10 Interview Mistakes.

Complaining about your previous employer is probably the one mistake that I see smart people repeat. Focus on why the job you are interviewing for is right for you, not the reasons why your old job was wrong. If asked during an interview why you left your previous position, you can answer honestly, but don’t go on at length.

Other clueless mistakes that I’ve seen that were not mentioned:

  • Casual swearing
  • Chewing gum

If you’ve ever beat yourself up over an interview misstep, some of these major lapses-in-judgment ought to make you feel better.

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