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The HADOPI Router

The HADOPI Router gives citizens plausible deniability for citizens accused of illegal file sharing. This hardware was created in response to governments trying to sanction the 'three strike rule', which could allow ISPs to sever your internet connection after three unsubstantiated claims of copyright infringement.

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Have you sorted out your digital legacy?

When you die, will your loved ones be able to log into / decrypt your digital life? Have you set up a method to bequeath this information without leaking it too early? Is this method simple? Cory Doctorow has a thought-provoking article on how to include your digital life in estate planning:

Intersite qT2 reproducibility, run 2

We have finished our second, and likely final, trip to the USA for the qT2 intersite reproducibility study. Our first run was quite hectic, and this one even more so. However, I enjoyed this trip more because we arrived a day early, and left a day late.

America's Place In The World, by Stephen Fry

An interesting take on Yankee culture according to a Brit. Fry's wit and literary prowess make this article a pleasure to read. I would love to hear him give this lecture - I hope he podcasts it.

Happiness is ... My walk to work?

I was google-map-stalking my walk to work and found that the map's pictures are pretty recent. But, to my surprise, part of the green-space I walk through on my way to the lab has a message for google: "Happiness is ...". See picture below.

Intersite qT2 reproducibility, run 1

The UBC MRI Research Centre invited me to participate in an intra/intersite qT2 reproducibility study. Six of us are traveling to various locations in North America and scanning ourselves twice at each location with advanced MR techniques like 3D multiecho T2, diffusion tensor imaging, and spectroscopy. Last week we scanned at Dartmouth and the University of Chicago. The preliminary results for both intrasite and intersite qT2 reproducibility look promising.

Wolfram Alpha on interest rates

At first glance, it is hard to tell what Wolfram Alpha is good for. There is a search box, but google-like queries are often not understood.

Yesterday I was talking with Neena about interest rates. Our experience with interest rates, mortgages in particular, is recent and we had no feel for how quickly, hostorically, rates rise or fall. Then it hit me - Wolfram Alpha would know.

Are cars designed with intentional blind spots?

pic: opel merivaI rented a car <Opel Meriva> when I toured Denmark. My favourite feature of the car was that there were no blind-spots due to a simple tweak in the side-mirror design. The side mirrors were normal <flat> starting from the car frame outwards. There was a vertical line separating the normal portion of the mirror and the outer most 10% that was slightly convex. This simple design eliminated blind spots on either side of the car.

A report accusing Canadians of excessive copying got busted for plagiarizing

Plagiarizing in the news again, this time with a twist of irony.

An 'independent' Canadian report concluding Canada is one of the worst countries for pirating got busted for plagiarizing a US report. You can listen to Jesse Brown interview the founder of the organization that wrote the report on the recent TVO Search Engine podcast.