Many enjoy the warmth, Vikings prefer the coolth

coolth is gibbled

Back from Hawaii. I went skiing on the weekend and destroyed my shoulder. I am in a sling now and typing slowly <and erroniously> with my left hand. Maybe Sonny can set up a left handed Dvorak keyboard for me. :)

Coolth is gibbled.

Cory Doctorow talk about eBooks and DRM

Doctorow gave a nice talk about DRM on eBooks at the O'Reilly Tools for Publishing conference. A tough-sell trying to tell publishers of eBooks to abandon DRM, but Doctorow makes some interesting points.

Also, he mentions Doctorow's Law <albeit tongue in cheek>: "Any time someone puts a lock on something you own, against your wishes, and doesn't give you the key, it's not being done to your benefit"

The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

The Bourne Identity by pic: Bourne Identity by Robert LudlumRobert Ludlum was a fun read. The story takes place in the 1970s and I enjoyed how they portrayed espionage in a time predating cell-phones. I found the contrast of communication technologies used in the book, and those we use everyday, interesting. So much of the book's events are devoted to trying to communicate with others. Overseas. From payphones, hotelrooms, switchboards.

Aqua Sport Scuba Center, Calgary

Tara and I bought some snorkeling gear as Xmas gifts to each other. Initially we planned on shopping around, but the service at Aqua Sport Scuba Center <link - warning, their homepage makes noise> was so great, we made it our only stop.

Back from the farm - off to Hawaii

Tara and I were at the farm for Easter. It has been a while since Tara and I have both been at the farm and had time to visit with family and friends. We had a great Easter! I am now trying to catch up on email ...

I leave in a couple of days for Hawaii for ISMRM. I still have a few loose ends to sort out before I go, but I am looking forward to the trip.

Myelin water measurement in the spinal cord

The recent edition of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine has our article on measuring myelin water in bovine and human spinal cord. Congratulations Evan!

Multiexponential T2 and magnetization transfer MRI of demyelination and remyelination in murine spinal cord

We recently published an article in NeuroImage on myelin water and magnetization transfer measurement in a demyelinating/remyelination model in mice. Congratulations Cheryl!

How high can you count on one hand?

How high can you count using the fingers one hand?