Many enjoy the warmth, Vikings prefer the coolth

SPIN farming in Kelowna - urban agriculture

pic: SPIN CSA Kelowna Green City AcresI have been watching a double-lot sized garden grow since I moved to Kelowna -- it is on my walk to work. I learned more about the garden at the Farmers' Market this morning. The plot I walk past is one of 6 SPIN urban farming plots operated by Green City Acres. They move produce around the city, to markets, between gardens, and to restaurants using bycicles! They also have a community supported agriculture (CSA) program.

Proof that gmT2 is the reciprocal of gmR2

I just published an article in the journal Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A. The concept of this article came out of a debate I had with one of my examiners during my PhD defense <I was right ;-) >.

Tara's pregnant!

I knocked up my highschool girlfriend. :-)

A gadget's life

The Washington Post has a some neat infographics describing household penetration, cost, and annual sales of various gadgets, from monochrome TVs and fax machines to digital TVs and portable mp3 players.

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Taking great notes

I wish someone would have sat me down prior to my university courses and outlined a few note-taking tips, like those from Lifehacker. The Cornell Note-taking Method would have been useful back then, and presently I think I'll benefit from Symbolizing the Next Action.

A Native American in Iceland 1000 years ago?

Could a Native American woman returned with Icelandic explorers 1000 years ago? Recent genetic evidence spurs this hypothesis <via BoingBoing>. <American Journal of Physical Anthropology article>

A sinogram of the Shepp Logan phantom

The Radon transform plays an important role in computed tomography since it describes how the raw data are collected. As the x-ray tube rotates around the gantry, the detectors opposite measure the x-ray projections through the object, producing a sinogram, which is effectively the Radon transform of the image. This video demonstrates how the sinogram is created by rotating the digital phantom <as opposed to rotating the x-ray tubes around a real object> and taking projections at each angle. The matlab code and original video were created for a section of a graduate course I taught at UBC.

Are reusable coffee mugs truly an environmentally sustainable alternative?

pic: travel mugA commonly held belief is that reusing a travel mug, such as a mixed plastic and stainless steel vacuum sealed design, is better for the environment than disposable cups, generally made of paper, with a wax-type lining inside and a thin plastic lid.

Natural resources are required to make both of these items. The major component of one is a non-renewable resource - metal, and the major component of the other is a renewable resource - paper. While the paper cups are generally thrown away immediately, the travel mugs eventually end up discarded as well, after being lost or damaged.

Photos of CRT TVs shutting down

pic: CRT TVs shutting downSome awesome photos of CRT TVs powering down. Cathode Ray Tube TVs fire electrons at the fluorescent screen, creating the images that we see. Electromagnets steer the electrons in a raster-fashion across the screen too fast for us to perceive. When the power is shut off, the electrons don't stop immediately, and a latent image decay can be seen, although distinct patterns are generally too short-lived to notice. Of course, this process can be photographed, with some interesting results.