Many enjoy the warmth, Vikings prefer the coolth

SPIN farming in Kelowna - urban agriculture

pic: SPIN CSA Kelowna Green City AcresI have been watching a double-lot sized garden grow since I moved to Kelowna -- it is on my walk to work. I learned more about the garden at the Farmers' Market this morning. The plot I walk past is one of 6 SPIN urban farming plots operated by Green City Acres. They move produce around the city, to markets, between gardens, and to restaurants using bycicles! They also have a community supported agriculture (CSA) program.

Proof that gmT2 is the reciprocal of gmR2

I just published an article in the journal Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A. The concept of this article came out of a debate I had with one of my examiners during my PhD defense <I was right ;-) >.

Tara's pregnant!

I knocked up my highschool girlfriend. :-)

A gadget's life

The Washington Post has a some neat infographics describing household penetration, cost, and annual sales of various gadgets, from monochrome TVs and fax machines to digital TVs and portable mp3 players.

via Command N

Taking great notes

I wish someone would have sat me down prior to my university courses and outlined a few note-taking tips, like those from Lifehacker. The Cornell Note-taking Method would have been useful back then, and presently I think I'll benefit from Symbolizing the Next Action.

A Native American in Iceland 1000 years ago?

Could a Native American woman returned with Icelandic explorers 1000 years ago? Recent genetic evidence spurs this hypothesis <via BoingBoing>. <American Journal of Physical Anthropology article>

A sinogram of the Shepp Logan phantom

The Radon transform plays an important role in computed tomography since it describes how the raw data are collected. As the x-ray tube rotates around the gantry, the detectors opposite measure the x-ray projections through the object, producing a sinogram, which is effectively the Radon transform of the image. This video demonstrates how the sinogram is created by rotating the digital phantom <as opposed to rotating the x-ray tubes around a real object> and taking projections at each angle. The matlab code and original video were created for a section of a graduate course I taught at UBC.

Are reusable coffee mugs truly an environmentally sustainable alternative?

pic: travel mugA commonly held belief is that reusing a travel mug, such as a mixed plastic and stainless steel vacuum sealed design, is better for the environment than disposable cups, generally made of paper, with a wax-type lining inside and a thin plastic lid.

Natural resources are required to make both of these items. The major component of one is a non-renewable resource - metal, and the major component of the other is a renewable resource - paper. While the paper cups are generally thrown away immediately, the travel mugs eventually end up discarded as well, after being lost or damaged.