Many enjoy the warmth, Vikings prefer the coolth

Media: Wiretap; I Am Legend; Harry Potters; Catch and Release

Podcast: WireTap with Jonathan Goldstein - Unofficially
I first got into this radio program when I was renovating the basement and listening to a lot of evening CBC radio. Goldstein's stories appealed to me and the way his friends pushed him around were amusing. CBC started podcasting and Goldstein was notably absent. I was recently forwarded to an unofficial podcast and have been an avid listener since.
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Movies: Ghost Rider; Children of Men

Ahh, movie time! 

Movie: Ghost Rider
Not an excellent movie, but I found it enjoyable. I think the biggest draw for me was Sam Elliot.
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PhD Candidate

I passed my candidacy exam. Last Friday was my written portion and today I had the oral portion. Two hours of questions.

I really enjoyed my exam. I put all my research aside and spent the last month in study. It was an excellent review and I actually learned a lot. The best part is that it is all applicable to my research, so at no point did I feel that my efforts were wasted.

Now - back to research.

Well ... maybe after some Christmas shopping.

Originally posted 2007.11.23

The Deer Hunter

Movie - The Deer Hunter

An interesting, yet slow moving film. The movie follows three close friends as they go to the Vietnam war - and the fallout afterwards. This movie won many awards, but I fear they got most of their votes from patriots because the final scene involves the characters singing "God Bless America".
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Originally Posted 2007.11.14

Roméo Dallaire

On November 4th, Jonathan Sherman, Kendra Getty and I went to see Roméo Dallaire give a lecture at the Chan Centre for the performing arts at UBC. 

Rick Hansen and Dave Williams

I am studying for my candidacy exams on November 16 and 23. Tara has some training in Vancouver and I found a seat sale with WestJet. So am doing my studying in Vancouver right now. I met up with my previous lab and they took me to a talk on campus. We went to see astronaut Dr Dave Williams and his crew mates from mission STS-118. They presented their experience going to the space station.

Terrible; Corner Gas

I heard back from Unibroue regarding Terrible, my favourite beer. The brand manager said: