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Gibraltar Stars, by Michael McCollum

pic: Michael McCollum Gibraltar StarsI finished McCollum's Gibraltar series, and Gibraltar Stars did not disappoint. After reading Gibraltar Sun, I quickly bought and downloaded Gibraltar Stars and started reading it on my iTouch. The series is physically accurate, believable, engaging scifi. I highly recommend these books.

Introduction to quantitative T2 with emphasis on medical imaging

pic: Thorarin Bjarnason intro2qT2 Introduction to quantitative T2 with emphasis on medical imagingWith a little help from some of my friends, we have updated the background sections of my PhD thesis and self-published a creative commons textbook introducing quantitative T2 MRI. You can purchase the book from lulu or download a pdf for free. The introduction to the book is as follows:

OK Go + Dogs

OK Go + Dogs = Awesome.

AnalyzeNNLS: Magnetic resonance multiexponential decay image analysis

pic: AnalyzeNNLSPart of my PhD research has been published in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance. In this work we share our multiexponential analysis software, which has been opensourced.

Batchgeo - plotting multiple destinations on a google map

pic: batchgeoImagine that you are traveling to a foreign city, and want to plot multiple destinations on a google map to help you organize what sites you want to see in order to better optimize your time. Batchgeo lets you do this by uploading multiple locations from a spreadsheet. <via Tekzilla daily>

Gibraltar Sun, by Michael McCollum

pic: Gibraltar sun by Michael McCollumGibraltar Sun, the sequel to the hard science scifi novel Gibraltar Earth, was a fun read that makes me excited to get the final book in this epic series, Gibraltar Stars.

Convocation Photos

pic: Thorarin Bjarnason, PhDIt seems the higher the education you get, the goofier your outfit. The honourary recipients looked like court jesters. <even more so than I>

Laminate in a condo - progress - 2

pic: laminate flooring in the common areaWe finished putting down laminate in the common areas this last weekend. pic: Einstein snuggling Bob the BuilderWe still have to do the stairs, bedroom, trim, and transitions - but it feels good to have the new flooring in. The carpet was in very rough shape.

Laminate in a condo - progress

pic: coolth thorarin bjarnason laminate flooring progressLast weekend, while Tara and friends attended the Pride parade, I started ripping out carpet in the condo. We made good progress Sunday afternoon, and Monday we went looking for supplies. We ordered the laminate, and the remaining evenings of the week consisted of rounding materials and tools. After work today, we finally started laying down flooring.

Unibroue wins award for 17, Terrible remade

pic: Unibroue 17Unibroue placed in the top 5 at an international beer competition for their specialty batch, called 17, which was only brewed in 2007. I particularly liked this beer, being similar to Terrible in its hopsy full flavour and dark colour. Terrible is a discontinued Unibroue beer I lamented about in early 2008. Hopefully the award will rejuvenate Unibroue's interest in brewing Terrible-like beer. Maybe they will resurrect my all time favourite ale? <Their website, no longer stating that Terrible is discontinued, gives me hope!>