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My PhD Thesis is bound

I have my thesis bound!

Centennial Book Binding in North Vancouver bound both my PhD and MASc theses and am happy with both results.

Host G20 in space?

pic: Bob McDonald from Quirks and QuarksWould it be cheaper to hold the G20 in space? Read why according to Bob McDonald <we share the same alma mater ;-)>.

Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture by Ellen Ruppel Shell

pic: Ellen Ruppel Shell Cheap bookWalmart is an easy company to hate, but Shell's book Cheap gives an eye-opening perspective on the dealings of other large discounters, such as Ikea and even our food industry. She describes, quite succinctly, how the economics of Cheap creates great divides in the quality of goods. Mostly, we have either poorly made, cheap goods and well made, expensive luxury goods. There is no longer a middle ground.


I will be attending convocation tomorrow, where I will be officially awarded my PhD. I was delighted to learn this evening that I will be sharing this ceremony with two honorary degree recipients whom I admire, Bob McDonald and Mark Tewksbury.

Makers, by Cory Doctorow

pic: Cory Doctorow's book MakersDoctorow's recent book, Makers, presents a consequence-full story that takes place in the future-present. A parable of the dot com bust, the events of this book lead up to and follow a financial bubble bust <he finished writing this book before the recent financial crisis>. Like Little Brother, this story's epic moment is the result of civil unrest - a topic that seems of great interest to Doctorow.

Video podcast: My PhD Defense Public Lecture

pic: MRI quantitative t2 multiecho decay in human brainI recorded my PhD defense public lecture and my lab published it as a video podcast. My public lecture, and the following exam, were both open to the public. Thank you to everyone who came out to support me. Special thanks to Quinn and Ali who witnessed the formal defense -- I hope you learned some tips and tricks for your defense.

Thorarin A Bjarnason's PhD Thesis

pic: T2 distributions in MS white matter. NAWM, DAWM, lesionI have posted two versions of my PhD thesis oneside and twoside. <The twoside version is intended for anyone who wants to print the thesis out double sided.>


University of Calgary, Electrical and Computer Engineering LaTeX thesis template files

pic: LatexThe University of Calgary provides LaTeX thesis template files, but <as of the date of this post> the files do not conform to the University's guidelines on thesis preparation. So, I provide some template files that do conform <at least, they passed inspection for me with the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering>.

xkcd colour survey results

pic: xkcd colour surveyA while back, xkcd hosted a survey where random colours were presented to the user, and the user was asked to name the colour. The xkcd colour survey results are in, and summarized in the xkcd blog. Perhaps long-winded for some, but I found the results quite interesting -- and funny. Read his summary to find out why xkcd weeps for the male gender.