Many enjoy the warmth, Vikings prefer the coolth

Dr Thorarin Bjarnason

I passed my PhD defense yesterday morning!

I don't technically have a PhD yet though. I have to make <mostly minor> revisions to my thesis and submit the proper paperwork on campus. Providing I get this all done in a timely manner, I will convocate in June, which makes everything official.

Bulbous Bouffant - The Vestibules

For some reason, this skit popped in my mind today. I think the last time I heard the skit was 10 years ago on CBC radio and had no idea what it was called, or who performed it. The interchange in this video has special meaning for my brother and I. Enjoy!

Send cash, not ash

pic: Eyjafjallajökull eruptionA friend of mine who's mother was affected by the Icelandic banking crisis, and more recently had his sister-in-law grounded due to Eyjafjallajökull eruptions, said: 'Send cash, not ash'. I presently repeat this wit in my tagline.

Printing only the year in latex

If you want to print today's year, and only the year, in latex, use \the\year. As far as I can tell, \year does not work on its own and \today prints the full date.

Da Vinci at the Vancouver Art Gallery

pic: Da Vinci anatomy drawingI went to the Da Vinci exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery today. On display was one of his journals on anatomy. Each page was cut out, framed, and set up so you could see the front and back of the page. His sketches of the human body are amazing.

The exhibition ends May 2.

Searching System Preferences on a Mac

pic: Search System Preferences on a MacYou can search the System Preferences on a Mac! This will be incredibly useful when I can't remember which icon the setting I am looking for is hidden under. Or, better yet, when Apple moves it on me in a software upgrade. Here is an example of searching for the screen saver.

I defend my PhD thesis on April 23

I am defending my PhD thesis April 23, 2010 at 9:00 am at the Foothills Medical Centre, Health Science Centre, room G369. My public lecture is from 9:00 to 9:30. The formal examination begins at 9:30. I think the longest it can be is 2 hours. I will be having an open defense, meaning that the general public does not have to leave after my public presentation. I am really looking forward to the defense.

If you are interested in witnessing the PhD defense process, or if you want to be present to support me, you are more than welcome to come. The room is hard to find, so drop be a note if you are interested.

Douglas Adams on Parrots, the Universe, and Everything

Douglas Adams <one of my most favourite authors> gave a lecture on conservation at UCSB shortly before his untimely death. He talks mostly about his experiences with Last Chance to See, which he claims is his favourite piece of writing. I wish I could have seen Douglas lecture. Simply splendid.

I have my mac back

I picked up my mac yesterday (Friday) morning. It was ready Thursday evening. I am very pleased with the process. Simply Computing fixed my mac with no hassle, and much faster than I imagined they would.They also polished up my computer. Great customer service!

As I suspected, the logic board was fried, and the hard drive was OK.

My mac still has warranty!

Just before I got my new netbook, I stopped in at Simply on Broadway <a Mac retailer>. I had a nice chat with the service people, told them about my catastrophic failure, and priced out some options. I was sure the warranty had expired, but they told me to contact them with my serial number just in case. So yesterday I did, only to find out I still have warranty! I dropped off my mac today.