Many enjoy the warmth, Vikings prefer the coolth

Numbers in nature

A nice video representation of numbers in nature.

Catastrophic failure - my Mac died yesterday

Anyone who writes a single document that is the integration of many years of work shares the same fear -- that the document could be destroyed or lost. I have been paranoid of this scenario since beginning my post graduate research and have multiple backups of everything. It turns out that it is a good thing I do. My MacBook Pro laptop died last night. Catastrophic failure.

I am a Zip Car member

Since moving to Vancouver I have no TV and no car and life is grand! However, there are some things that having access to a car would just simplify.

Do I have to purchase QuickTime Pro to download an mov file in my browser? - NO

I was watching a video online from one of my colleagues. I navigated to the URL and the video started playing in my browser. I wanted to download the video and save it locally, and to do so you simply click on the little arrowhead in the lower right corner of the QuickTime frame and look at the options. To my surprise, the option to save the video was grayed out and it said 'PRO' beside it. My mac was lying to me. It was telling me that in order to download the file I would have to upgrade to QuickTime pro. The upgrade is $30!

Schools kill creativity: Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson argues in this TED Talk that schools are designed to teach people to become professors, since that is the highest level of teaching in the system. High school is just a long entrance exam for university. Robinson feels that schools are not designed to promote creativity, and end up killing it.

Tekzilla Episode 124 - Fixing a cracked iPhone screen

Patrick Norton broke his iPhone screen! Tekzilla episode 124 shows Patrick doing some iPhone DIY. It is pretty neat to see someone disassemble, and successfully reassemble an iPhone. Patrick used iPhone repair instructions from iFixtIt.

1000 km

I put 1000 km on my bicycle odometer!

I have had the same bike for 7 years now. I purchased it in Vancouver in 2004 to commute to the lab. When I moved to Calgary in 2005 I purchased an odometer. I often cycled to the lab when I lived in Calgary, excluding part of the winter months, broken limbs, and times when I had a really good audiobook or podcast lineup to listen to, in which case I would walk the 4 km.

Pigeon on a Subway

Via Ze Frank who asks "Please write one thought this pigeon had on this ride". <see his comment section>