Many enjoy the warmth, Vikings prefer the coolth

Last Chance to See: In the footsteps of Douglas Adams, by Mark Carwardine

pic: southern white rhino, Last Chance to SeeMark Carwardine, along with Stephen Fry, revisited Last Chance to See, a series of radio programs and book documenting Mark and Douglas Adams' journeys around the world to bring awareness to endangered species. In earlier posts, I mentioned my excitement to hear Mark and Stephen were revisiting this series, and I am more than pleased with the result. They follow up on all the species visited in the original series, including the Northern White Rhino in Africa, gorillas in Zaïre, aye-aye in Madagascar, Komodo dragons in Indonesia, and the Yangtze river dolphin in the Yangtze river, China.

I moved to Vancouver

I started a job in Vancouver on Feb 1. I am a Junior Medical Physicist at Vancouver General Hospital, focussing on Xray and CT.

I am not done my PhD yet. I still have some writing to do, but will defend soon.

Is a good memory overrated?

Those who know me know I have a terrible memory. I am quite good at figuring things out, and tend to remember the process, but I cannot memorize lists. Definitions. Equations. Well, maybe that is a good thing. At least Jesse Brown thinks so in Does the Internet Make you Dumber?:

Power to save the world - the truth about nuclear energy, by Gwyneth Cravens

pic: Gwyneth Cravens Power to save the world. The truth about nuclear energyGwyneth Cravens was anti-nuclear. As a journalist, she wanted to learn more about nuclear power in order to solidify her anti-nuclear stance. However, learning about nuclear energy changed her viewpoint.

The known universe by AMNH

An amazing video that puts Earth into perspective. Unless you are Zaphod Beeblebrox this Total Perspective Vortex will impress.


Quantitative T2 analysis: The effects of noise, regularization, and multivoxel approaches

Part of my PhD research has been published in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. In this work we determined how noise-type, regularization, and region of interest vs multivoxel approaches affect quantitative T2 MRI analysis. We concluded that quantitative T2 analysis is best performed using a non-regularized, multivoxel approach.

Musical lights for the iTouch / iPhone

pic: musical lights by gamez4touchGamez4Touch, the creators of Touch Physics, released a new app! Just in time for Christmas, Musical Lights allows you to decorate photos with Christmas lights, and the lights dance to music.

Gibraltar Earth, by Michael McCollum

pic: Gibraltar Earth by Michael McCollumGibraltar Earth is the beginning of what could be an epic scifi adventure. The storyline is convincing - I was impressed with how detailed <and correct> the science was. After reading the book I learned that McCollum has a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Tunnelball for iTouch / iPhone

pic: tunnelball ipodQuinn Thompson, a member of my lab, created a game for the iTouch/iPhone: Tunnelball. The game-play is essentially pingpong down a tunnel. You can play against the computer, which gets hard quickly, or against a friend using bluetooth. Loads of fun for only $2. I challenge you to a game. :)