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Bill C-11 and the book-burning provision - TVO Search Engine Interview with James Moore

pic: TVO search engine interview with minister james mooreTVO's Search Engine interview of Heritage Minister James Moore by Jesse Brown. Finally, a minister discusses the upcoming copyright legislation. Listen to it on the Search Engine Blog.

The new copyright bill has what some call a 'book burning provision', because the word 'destroy' shows up a lot. For instance, students will be expected to destroy copyright material used in an educational setting after the class is over. Fat chance using these documents the following year for an honours thesis project without being a criminal.

You’re about to become a copyright criminal - Jesse Brown

Bill C-11 is almost surely going to be a reality. Canada fails.

  • "If you’re a student, or if you consume a lot of music, movies and TV, or if you do fun stuff on the Internet, there’s a rather good chance the Conservatives’ Copyright Reform Bill will make you a criminal.

    How? In plenty of ways. Here are a few: ..."

Cory Doctorow talk about eBooks and DRM

Doctorow gave a nice talk about DRM on eBooks at the O'Reilly Tools for Publishing conference. A tough-sell trying to tell publishers of eBooks to abandon DRM, but Doctorow makes some interesting points.

Also, he mentions Doctorow's Law <albeit tongue in cheek>: "Any time someone puts a lock on something you own, against your wishes, and doesn't give you the key, it's not being done to your benefit"

RiP - A Remix Manifesto

Grant and I watched RiP!: A Remix Manifesto tonight at the Plaza. The movie is about copyright and remix culture. You can probably find this movie free online <in fact, the creator invites you to remix RiP>, but it really felt good to pay money for a movie that promotes downloading content for free. Indeed, it felt better than downloading Metallica just to delete them. :) <oh, and an infamous Lars interview appears in the movie.

Search Engine Podcast - Surveillance and Arphids

CBC's Search Engine wrapped up a 2-part series about surveillance, with a focus on arphids and 'enhanced' identification <ie drivers licenses>. There are interesting discussions in the comments regarding data and our privacy, including a post by Cory Doctorow.

Richard Stallman at the UofC

pic: IPod defective by designRemember the days of GNU-linux? Back before we just started calling it Linux?

Irish internet using 3 strike rule

Ouch. Eircom <a major Irish internet service provider> will disconnect a user from the internet after receiving three accusations of a user committing copyright infringement. No trial. No jury. No Truth. This three strike concept is being considered by ISPs around the world. Read Doctorow's comments and dig a little deeper on the topic following the links at the bottom of his post.

"Why Copyright? Canadian Voices on Copyright Law" - a video by Michael Geist

In response to the proposed Bill C-61 <copyright reform bill>, Michael Geist has released a video <that loads faster on youtube> about what copyright is, what changes are proposed, and how our lives will be affected. The video is interesting and educational, however it is a little long for youtube <47mins>. There are many interviews of Canadians who are affected by copyright, including musicians, artists, and authors.